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Jobs with Community Voters Project

The Community Voters Project is kicking off its campaign to increase turn out among African-American and Latino voters on Election Day 2014. 


Voting is one of the core rights and responsibilities of American citizens. For much of our country's history, millions of Americans were, by law, denied that right. But in the 20th century, the women's suffrage movement and the civil rights movement ended most of these restrictions on the right to vote.
Today, some communities are still underrepresented at the voting booth, and so making our voices heard by casting a ballot is still critical to a strong democracy. 
We have full time positions available we’re looking for people who work hard, communicate well, and are interested in working towards positive social change.



As a canvasser you are joining the ranks of thousands of public interest leaders who have made a lasting impact working to register voters.
As a canvasser your primary role is to have one-on-one conversations with African-American and Latino voters in nearby neighborhoods (your office director will let you know the specific community we are targeting in your city), and in some cases recruit them to take further action.  Most canvassers find that as their skills and experience grow, they become increasingly successful at talking with people in a compelling way, resulting in greater effectiveness as we work to register as many people as possible.  
By taking on additional responsibility, you can help build our team and thereby expand our ability to reach more people in the community.  Some leadership positions are eligible for additional pay; see directors for details. Possible roles include:
Trainer:  Work with canvasser candidates on their Observation Day.  
Field Manager:  Strong canvassers with leadership skills may be eligible to be promoted to Field Manager.  Field Managers lead crews of 4-6 canvassers each day, train new staff, and manage the logistics of our canvassing in a particular area.